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ERALôR is a small collection of era-driven series, each complete with their own characters, storytelling medium and IRL immersive experience.

The series dive into new times & places, weaving together vintage fashions and props with tantalizing tales of fictionalized characters, living and growing through the journey of life.



ERALôR is a brand of full-living stories!

From era-driven tales to IRL travel experiences, ERALôR encourages day to day adventures & wellness in your life.

Our mission is to:

- share characters, art, stories, and experiences that stir feelings of gratitude, nostalgia, and human connection.
- design an NFT project that strikes a compassionate, human connection between holders and reconnects to the beauty of everyday, real life.
- break web3 out of the hustle and grind by offering a more grounded, balanced, and realistic expectation of what the NFT space can be.

Founder's Circle


FOUNDER’S CIRCLE: Our Exclusive Membership Club

The ERALôR journey begins in July 2022 when we mint The Founder’s Circle. Limited to only 250 members, these early supporters receive an array of added benefits

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The Founder’s Circle mint will be .25 eth, with extra Series 1 rewards for early minters.





ERALôR character art will mint in “series.” Each series will take place in a different time-era and location, featuring new characters and a brand new storyline.

  • Series 1: 1920s, Atlantic City
  • Series 2: 1814, Shipwrecked
  • Series 3: A modern time-traveling Children’s Tale

Series 1

minting in mid-August 2022,
for .08 eth

A young piano player goes against his father's wishes, to learn about life, love, & music in the secretive world of a 1920's Atlantic City speakeasy.

  • The Art - 7 Full Body Characters
  • The Story - Audio Narrative Play written by award winning playwright, DC Cathro
  • The Experience - Washington DC area Speakeasy Weekend in September